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Clock Repair Classes

                In answer to years of requests, Thee Clockmaker's Shoppe is proud to introduce
                                                                Thee Clockmaker Institute  

                 Learn the art & science of clock repair in historic downtown Mount Dora, FL!   

Introduction to Clock Repair Class
The 2010 classes for Introduction to Clock Repair are forming now
                 Classes to be held most every Saturday from 9:00am to 12:00pm.    You must reserve your spot in advance by calling us Tuesday - Friday 10:00am to 4:00pm.

Introduction to Clock Repair is the required first class on the journey to becoming a Clockmaker.  This class will
include lecture instruction on several topics:
           *operation of most mechanical clocks
               *the VITAL terminology of mechanical clock movements
               *how to identify common clock problems and how to correct them
               *how to identify the age of antique clock movements based on manufacturing techniques
               *technological advances of clock making
The remainder of the class will involve hands-on application and the actual servicing of a standard clock movement with instructor supervision and assistance.  You may bring a pre-approved clock for servicing or an appropriate clock may be provided by the instructor for practice.

NOTE: If you wish to service a clock you currently own, the type of clock MUST be pre-approved by the instructor prior to date/time of the class in order to control the difficulty of the introductory class and to insure a productive class experience for the student.

Certain key tools are to be provided by the student in order to participate in Introduction to Clock Repair:
                *A small assortment of non-magnetic tweezers
                *An assortment of small and medium non-magnetic phillips & regular screwdrivers
                *An assortment of small needle nose plyers & wire cutters
                *An assortment of small nut drivers or a small crescent wrench
$79.00 for those who reserve a spot in an Introduction to Clock Repair class.

Advance Clock Repair Techniques Class

This class will include one-on-one instruction in the advanced techniques of clock repair.  Your progress in class will be based on your skill level and aptitude in clock repair;  YOU determine the level of clock repair detail and decide how quickly you wish to learn.  The student will determine the pace of learning.

The available areas of study could include but are not limited to:
                *Complete disassembly and repair of mechanical clock movements from the 1700's to modern day.
                *Skills regarding bushing, re-pivoting, cleaning, pivot polishing, repair of gear teeth, adjusting, making of custom parts, mainspring replacement and/or repair and general troubleshooting of clock repair.

The tools required to complete the Advanced Clock Repair Techniques class will be based on the clock repair project at hand and may vary with each class.

Qualifications for Advanced Clock Repair Techniques class
In order to qualify for the Advance Clock Repair Techniques class, you must
1.  Successfully complete the Introduction to Clock Repair class    
2.  Successfully complete a short skills test to be adminstered by the Instructor prior to class time at Thee Clockmaker's Shoppe.

Cost of the Advanced Clock Repair Techniques class is as follows:
            $60.00 per session
             $200 for 4 sessions (based on student demand)
             $350 for 8 sessions (based on student demand)

The Advanced Clock Repair Techniques classes may be scheduled on an appointment basis with the instructor.

Contact THEE CLOCKMAKER'S SHOPPE To RESERVE YOUR SPace IN A CLASS or for additional information.

Call (352) 735-5200 to attend a class today!

Thee Clockmaker's Shoppe
110 W. 5th Avenude
Mount Dora, FL  32757

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